FREE 7 Day Unite Challenge

6/7 – 6/13

  • Connection to self – how to get yourself in harmony with your bigger future. Most people want more, but there are inner conflicts that hold them back. We will get all parts of you pointed in the right direction.
  • Connection to others – there are already people you can be a hero to… and we’re going to show you how to find them, serve them and benefit financially and emotionally from this work.
  • Connection to a higher power – be it nature, God, the collective consciousness or whatever label you prefer. There is something more going on here that brings us together, and we’re going to see how much you can tap into it.
  • Your five bank accounts – emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and financial. How you view each area of wealth will greatly impact your happiness.
  • Financial deep dive – the easiest wealth of all. Let’s get this straightened up so you can then conquer the rest.
  • Value creation – How value is created and how, if you focus on the right things, you can engineer massive amounts of value even if you are new, not an “expert” or if you suffer from self-esteem issues.
  • Your relationship with time – do parts of your past hold you back in the present? Do you have a big future that automatically pulls you forward to it? How often are you really present? We will unite these three areas of time to work for you, so you can be more and have more.

Essential Oil Continuing Education

6/06  Class 1: I have my oils now what!:
6/13   Class 2: Nutrition/Supplements:
6/20  Class 3: Toxin Free Living:
6/27  Class 4: Oils for Every Age:
7/11   Class 5: Essential Skin Care:
7/18  Class 6: Stress, Sleep, Emotions:
7/25  Class 7: Woman’s Health and Hormones:
8/01  Class 8: Oils for Pain and Management: