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My name is Ennie Gonzaga. I am one of only 300 Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world. I have a unique approach that integrates wellness and performance as I feel both go hand in hand.  If you have just 20 minutes to fill out a questionnaire, then I’d like to teach you:

  • How the world’s most accomplished and influential people THINK
  • Why you have been so exhausted (and what you can do about it immediately)
  • Why most people FAIL at managing their time and day
  • The #1 secret you MUST follow to have more INFLUENCE with people
  • How to define your purpose, get rid of distraction, and FINALLY gain momentum in life!



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High Performance Coaching

We all have big goals and dreams, however, most people today are drowning in stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty. The sad thing is that if they don’t figure out how to turn it around, they’ll not only fail to accomplish their dreams, but as the economy keeps getting better they’ll simply get left behind.

So think about YOUR life.

Do you feel you’re being as productive, influential, and successful as you want to?

Are you struggling to stay focused, to get ahead, or to better influence your team or customers?

Have you reached a plateau in your progress and struggled to breakthrough to the next level of joy, power, and achievement?

Have you gotten tired of being at the same level of success and happiness for too long?

This program is designed to help you master your Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, and Persuasion and become the highest best-performing version of yourself. Master these things, and life changes forever, and high achievement is yours.

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Tranquility Coaching

In Today’s society, people are so busy with life that they don’t have time to stop and think about life and why they are doing what they are doing. They are running from one event to another, filling up their calendars, sometimes not making time for things that matter most. They go to sleep, that is if they get any sleep, then get up and do the same thing over again.

Are you overwhelmed with all the things you have to get done in the day?

Did you commit to one to many things because you just couldn’t say ‘No’?

Do you know exactly what you need to be doing but for one reason or another you just can’t get yourself to do them?

At the end of the day, do you feel accomplished?

This program provides the tools you need to form new daily habits to move forward, find balance and take control of your life. Stop living a stressful life by default and start living a tranquil life by design.

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By Ennie Gonzaga

Essential Oils

In the pursuit of improving my health naturally, I eventually discovered essential oils. I originally thought essential oils were for hippies or used in massages just to smell good, and honestly, I wanted nothing to do with it. However, since using the oils back in 2011, I learned that Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used as single essential oils or in complex essential oil blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. As long as I have been using it and as many classes as I’ve taught, I am still always amazed at how these oils simply give the body what it needs to thrive. Discover which oils will help you.

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Featured Posts by Ennie Gonzaga

Ditch the Resolutions

During this time of the year, most people are aware of their goals, are extra-motivated to achieve them, and are allocating energy to improving their overall health.

I have a question for you…

What would need to happen with your health for you to look back at the end of this year and say, “This was the most impactful year of my entire life!”?

What would you do different from last year to make sure you hit your goal this year?   . . .


Morning Routine

The other morning, I got to my dentist’s office bright and early for my regular checkup.  My dental hygienist asked me how I was doing and I replied, “I’m doing FANTASTIC! I just finished my morning “power hour” right before I came.”   She looked puzzled. (I figured she was puzzled because she was expecting the regular answer of “I’m fine.”) So, she thought about it for another moment and then asked, “What is THAT? I’ve never heard of power hour before!”  I was a bit surprised because I thought it was common knowledge, but apparently it isn’t.  Due to time I explained it briefly to her but will share it in more detail here. …


Finding Time

With school back in full swing now, do you have more time to finish your work and projects?  Maybe you took on too many tasks and now you’re trying to figure out how to fit it all in.

Well, now is the perfect time to get back to basics and see how you’re managing your time.…


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