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My coaching program is designed to help you master your Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, and Persuasion and become the highest best-performing version of yourself.


What’s The #1 Thing Everyone Wants? 

The answer is More…

  • They want more success at work.
  • They want more happiness.
  • They want more passion in their relationships.
  • They want more money. More energy. More productivity. More meaning.

Everyone Wants More Of The Good Things That Life Has To Offer, Right?

Well, to get more, you need to activate your full potential. You need to hit a higher gear and become a high performer in whatever you do. You have to become more focused, productive, influential, and successful. But it’s not easy. And most people are struggling more than they have to, in these areas.

Even though we all have big goals and dreams, most people today are drowning in stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. The sad thing is that if they don’t figure out how to turn it around, they’ll not only fail to accomplish their dreams, but as the economy keeps getting better, they’ll simply be left behind.


Coaching Overview

We all want to live and maintain our full potential, to reach and sustain what is called “high performance”. High performance is succeeding above and beyond the standard norms, over a long-term. It’s the feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living to our full potential. To improve my clients ‘High Performance’, I work with people’s psychology, their physiology, their productivity, their people skills to heighten those six levels of:

  1. Focal Point
  2. Clarity
  3. Energy
  4. Courage
  5. Productivity
  6. Influence

Focal Point

In order to reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence, one needs to first identify one’s current position in the following areas: Focus, Level of control, and daily habits that are already supporting or pulling away from one’s High Performance.


High Performers have an uncommon amount of clarity about who they are, what they’re seeking to do or achieve or experience. They’ve got a heightened quality about what their interaction should be with other people. It’s just; they’re very-very-very focused.


  • They are clear about who they are.
  • About what they are after.
  • How they should be interacting with other people.
  • What experiences they’re after.

They’re in the zone because they know their goal. They’re in the zone because:


  • They know what they are about.
  • They know their strengths.
  • They know what the game is.

And all that clarity in their life allows them to make better decisions:


  • To focus on what’s important.
  • To get rid of distractions.
  • To be what they truly are.
  • To be intentional.

All that comes from clarity and without clarity, there’s no way we can ever achieve high performance in our lives.


High performers have more energy. A high performing athlete has more energy than one who is dull in it. We know that. There’s a physical vitality, a mental stamina too, that goes along with their days. That the energy is palpable, you can feel it around them.


So, they’re not pulled in a million different places because you know how it is. If you’re pulled in a million different places or you’re multi-tasking dozens and dozens of things, you let your energy to dissipate.


Their store of energy is extraordinarily focused and powered up with reserves.


High performers have a heightened level of courage. That they’re more likely:

  • To speak up for themselves,
  • To speak up for their ideas,
  • To know what they stand for,
  • To take bold action and risks than other people.

And so, high performers are very focused on being courageous. They tend to sort of focus on the word courage in their work. They know that it takes a high degree of courage:

  • To put their ideas out there.
  • To express who they truly are in the world.
  • To say no to things that isn’t on their path or of their passion.
  • To stick to their purpose.

Even when the whole world is judging them or pushing them, they stay the course. They have the courage to stay the course. And because they do that, they outperform others who gave up or quit when they got judged or when it was too hard or who were too scared to take the action. So, we have to look at people’s courage to see how they’re doing in their life.


High performers just produce more. If you look at a high performing athlete, they’re putting in more hours on the field. If you look at a high performing executive, they’re more efficient and effective with their time management than their counterparts.

It’s just, it seems in the same amount of time they get more done, or they get the experience deeper or they’re more efficient or effective at it. And because they are, obviously they’re able to get ahead faster than others. We need to look out for productivity in our lives too.

How productive have you been in this last couple of weeks?

Be honest about it. Because it’s going to dictate whether or not you’re going to ever reach your full potential. Isn’t it true? Productivity has so much to do with our full potential? When, you look at an artist… A lot of artists are judged based on how prolific they were. Were they productive in their careers? Did they put out one painting or were they like Monet? Did they put out one musical arrangement or were they Beethoven? Were they thinking of one formula or were they solving all formulas like Einstein? So, honestly evaluating ourselves in that area is vital.


High performers have a greater level of Influence. They have great people skills. They’re just kind of good with other people because they give other people time, attention, respect, honor. And by caring about other people deeply, they tend to get what they want as well because other people see them as compassionate and kind, so they reciprocate. They tend to be exceptionally caring, good, contributing people.

Now, is it possible for all of us to become high performers?

The answer is Yes! Are high performers born or made? They’re Conditioned. They’re created by Habit. My job is to ask questions to help clients find greater levels of power in each of those areas. That’s what makes me a High-Performance Coach.


Get More Done with More Energy, More Motivation, and Less Stress!

Are you tired & overwhelmed? Get the latest tools on how to manage your emotions. Get your energy and motivation back.