Get More Done with More Energy, More Motivation, and Less Stress!

Are you tired & overwhelmed? Get the latest tools on how to manage your emotions. Get your energy and motivation back.

What I Do?

My name is Ennie Gonzaga and I empower others to discover and become their best self .   If you live a dynamic, stressful life, I give you the knowledge and the tools to help you find balance, have more energy and improve your overall health and lifestyle.

When you work with me, you are taking advantage of:

  • Gaining the ultimate clarity for what you want to do with your life and how to get there. Once the right goals are set, creating a winning strategy becomes much easier.
  • Having more courage. When we have courage, we take very different decisions and we bravely act on what we want.
  • Becoming more influential. Everything in this world, including other people, is attracted to energy. When you are more energetic, you will immediately become more influential.
  • Improving emotional health to get through life’s stressors.

People are always looking for answers on what they should be doing with their lives. The problem is they never ask the right questions. Well, I do. Let me help you find who you are – and who you are meant to be – in a positive, very fun way that you’ll truly enjoy.

How I Got Here

I have always been interested in personal development. I graduated from UCLA with a Kinesiology degree and was excited to start my career in Physical Therapy. That dream came to a crashing halt in 1994, when I was diagnosed with Lupus. What the heck is Lupus?  The doctor said that they don’t know how people get it and that there is no cure and if  I didn’t take my steroid medications for the rest of my life, I could die. To overcome that moment of my life, I started attending personal development courses maybe more than ever.


In December 2006, I was told that it had spread to my kidneys and was put on stronger steroid medication.  One Saturday morning, I couldn’t get out of bed and I missed my son’s soccer game where he scored 7 goals. I made a promise that I wouldn’t miss another game and frantically started looking for natural ways to manage what I was going through.  I learned a lot and was able to improve my health through the power of whole foods, balanced exercise, managing emotions along with other modalities such as Sauna Therapy, Energy, and Oil Therapy. I became knowledgeable in Gerson Therapy living and learning the plant-based, juicing, and cleansing lifestyle. I got certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Essential Oils Coach to help with both physical and emotional health.   I learned the importance of mindset and habits.  I use what I’ve learned in my life and with my clients.  In doing so, I took myself off of steroid medication after suffering from side effects for over 13 years.   Since there is currently no cure for Lupus, people have asked what I did. I started to teach people the steps I took to get myself off of medication.


When I started teaching my approach to others, I noticed how much their health can be improved with the right mindset and habits. Because of my Lupus, I didn’t have the luxury to ‘stress out’.  I believe that the key to a balanced life is less stress. This changed my focus with my clients. I became one of 300 certified High Performance Coaches and now empower them to find joy in life. My mission is to help people wake up, take control of their situation and start living the the life they want.



If you are impatiently waiting to finally start seeing positive change in your life, taking advantage of what I can offer is a great way to start.  Ways to work with me:

You are infinitely powerful and ready to experience peace and joy – start your journey today with me.


Get More Done with More Energy, More Motivation, and Less Stress!

Are you tired & overwhelmed? Get the latest tools on how to manage your emotions. Get your energy and motivation back.